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Do you need to be molded by the Strong Hands of a Capable Woman?

Madame Steele and Sapphire 1

Does your Feminine Self seek nurturing acceptance?

Madame Steele and Sapphire 2   Madame Steele and Sapphire 3

Allow Me to introduce Myself.

Madame Steele Close up

My name is Madame Steele.

I am a playful and sophisticated Lifestyle Dominant. I'd like to invite you to My comfortably elegant Transformation Salon and Parlor in Downtown San Jose, California.

Madame Steele and Maid Staff


Madame Steele and Dina Doll 1

I have a passion for men who need to know their Softer Side. So much so that I require you to Submit to Feminization in order to be Worthy of My Attentions!!!!

I have many items to facilitate the Transformation Experience including:

 Madame Steele's Transformation Parlor 1               Madame Steele's Transformation Parlor 2

Purple Bullet ImageWigs Purple Bullet ImageMakeup
Purple Bullet ImageClothes Purple Bullet ImageLingerie
Purple Bullet ImageStockings Purple Bullet ImageGloves
Purple Bullet ImageShoes Purple Bullet ImagePerfume

       And oh the Lucky Girl who happens to be My size!!!!!

Madame Steele Close Up 2

A visit with Me ranges from a quick 1 1/2 hour makeover

 Madame Steele Lacing a Corset

to extended sessions that may include shopping, full Transformation,

Roxanne Cleaning a Mirror

 domestic service and/or an outing.

Madame Steele Out With The Girls

 It all depends on My mood!

I am very 


 when it 

comes to 

My interests 


Madame Steele in White OBG

Madame Steele and Dina Doll 2

Purple Bullet Image Enforced Feminization / sissification
Purple Bullet ImageExploring unique fantasies
Purple Bullet ImageHumiliation/Verbal abuse
Purple Bullet Image Transformation
Purple Bullet Image Role play


Madame Steele and Dina Doll Bathing

I derive intense personal pleasure from each session which is reflected in the time I spend to develop a mutual level of Friendship, Respect and Trust.

My empathic understanding of your desires allows Me, over a period of time, to lead you to the Unfettered Ecstasy that springs from learning to love your Feminine Self.

Dina Doll Offering Shoe to Madame Steel

I can be light and playful for novices,

Madame Steele and Dina in Sissy Dress

Or strict and demanding for those who think they can take it!

 Madame Steel Spanking Dina Doll

Apply for training with Madame Steele.

 Madame Steele Beckoning to YOU!


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