sissy donna does Halloween


Because sissy donna happens to be the same size as Madame Steele


she gets to try on and model Madame's pretty clothes.

But since it IS Halloween, she decides on the classic "French Maid" uniform.


she seems so comfortable in this outfit.......perhaps she can do some domestic chores after the Halloween party!


And at Renegades Bar we find Dr. Ben Dover, our local "Proctologist" and friendly bartender.....

sissy donna wastes no time and soon has many new friends.


Oh Oh, we better hurry, the Halloween costume contest is starting! We have "Cat Woman" and "Pimp Daddy",

The "Gay Duo",


and our little sissy donna as a properly belled "French Maid"!!

The contest would not be complete without "Edward Scissor Hand"


Madame Steele joins the contest as a strap on packin' "Dominitrix" unusual!!!!!

MC Diamond John encourages the audience to choose their favorite costume........

The "French Maid" was Oh So very cute, but who can compete with "Jesus"? I mean Jeez.....

But, in Madame Steele's eyes, sissy donna will ALWAYS be a winner!!!!